One of the many awesome and useful features in WordPress is the ability to ad widgets to any of the various widget areas which are predefined on any theme. However, WordPress will show your chosen widgets on each page. Being able to customize this is necessary in order to have content reach and pages with context related widgets. For example – you’d probably want to have related posts per certain product, and will therefore need to be able to differentiate the content of each product page’s sidebar. Power Widgets was designed under the following assumptions:
  1. Simplicity: no coding, easy to use
  2. Flexibility: once you have it, there’s little you can’t do with your widget areas
  3. Time Saving Workflow: being addicted to widget areas customization, we know how time consuming it may be, especially when it comes to large installations. We wanted to design something that won’t consume all your time as there are a few more things to do in life
  4. Compatibility: install it with your current theme and plugins, change your theme, add plugins – with ease
The Result – we believe we have cracked this thing and now you can have your widget areas run on steroids: diversify your content, use it to place different ads on your pages and posts and increase your revenues from advertising, create an engaging user experience thanks to context based widgets and do all this with no sweat involved. Use it, then tell us what you think. We are eager for your feedback!