widget areas We’ve released version 1.5.9 which allows you to easily customize widget areas on WordPress’ default page templates: customize your blog’s front page, change the look and feel of your 404 page, make your search results page different and customize your date archive. Next we’ll add the ability to have your authors’ archives benefit from the same functionality so you can customize each author’s page around the author’s profile.

Network Compatibility – Check!

We’ve completed the process of adapting Power Widgets to work in WordPress Network sites.

Next Release

Tags Support

As promised, we are about to launch some major updates and the coming version will do just that. The next version will allow you to control widget areas customization by tags and will complete the first stage in our road map for the product: being able to customize widget areas from one central location with unrivaled ease and agility for all types of content: pages, posts, categories, tags and default page templates.

Introducing Prototypes

Ever had to change more than one widget area in a page time and again? we had to. That’s why we came up with the solution of prototypes! more to come about this great feature once we release the next version.