In this version update we’ve rolled the following updates for this version of Power Widgets:


first of all, we’ve finalized patterns which enable you to set a complete template of custom widget areas for a given page and use it again across your site’s pages and posts. This feature saves you tons of time and helps use the full potential of widgets and widget areas with ease and simplicity. We plan to take this particular feature forward in the coming version and make it even more powerful from what it is now. previous version had some bugs which have been fixed. Patterns work on Network sites as well.

Customize Widget Areas from Single Pages and Posts

It was important for us to design Power Widgets so users can handle all widget areas from a single location. The thing that guided us was our not to good experience we had with other plugins/themes which compelled us to customize the page/post by editing each one of those individually. Now that Power Widget is built the right way, we added the ability to assign the custom widget areas as part of the process of editing single pages and posts. There are times where it is faster to do it this way instead of going back to the main table.

Fixed Compliance with Sucuri 1 Click Hardening for wp-content Directory

Up to now wp-content directory hardening done by Sucuri’s security plugin for WordPress (highly recommended) caused the table to disappear. Not anymore, so now you can perform the entire process as recommended by Sucuri and harden wp-content by adding a short htaccess file. So go ahead and update, and tell us what else do you want or need Power Widgets can do for you. We already have a long list of coming upgrades so add yours to the list! In case you haven’t noticed, Power Widgets is on sale with 60% off on all prices till June 2nd. You can get it here.