Login Widget ProNovember 11 2013 Update: Login Widget Pro is available for download. Get it here. Providing users with a seamless, well-integrated way to sign up and login to your site is essential. Making this process easy and visible can ensure that your users will come back to your site again and again. But after logging in to your own WordPress page for the thousandth time, you may not even notice that awkward second of being redirected to another page. You may even have bookmarked that wp-admin page instead of your home page. However, when you are welcoming new users to your site, every second counts. A few months ago we’ve launched our own solution to this issue. The aptly named WordPress login plugin, Nice Login Widget gives your WordPress site an elegant login and register widget that looks great on the front end and is flexible to meet enough to meet any requirements you may have on the back end. WordPress Login Plugin The Ajax-powered authentication keeps the entire process of registering and logging in on your homepage, simplifying the experience for your users. The widget cleanly flips between allowing a user to login, register, or even retrieve a forgotten password. In addition, the widget has been designed to work seamlessly with any SSL security measures and any other login security plugins. The widget is also designed to be integrated into any theme or widget area, and can be flipped to appear vertically or horizontally, and in any color. The widget can also be placed via shortcode, anywhere on your site. By streamlining the login process, Nice Login Widget not only gives your users a better experience on your site, but you also make it easier for them to sign up, making it more likely they will return. Our next version release will include, in addition to some functionality and backend updates, additional translations for the plugins, thanks to our contributors (full list will be published upon launching). We are currently working on a premium version which will expand the range features available. Front end flexibility is essential, and our premium version will provide you with a host of new features to customize the look, feel, and user experience of logging in. In addition, we are adding enhanced security measures and an expanded range of features to manage your new users, transforming nice login widget into a one-stop solution for all issues relating to signing up and retaining your users. Keep an eye out and check back on our blog for all the updates!