theme importer October 17th update: Theme Importer is available for download as part of Power Widgets. When we came up with Power Widgets, we wanted to solve our own problems. However, the more we’ve been using it and the more we’ve been gathering feedback from Heavy WordPress users, we began to understand that the this field has much more room for innovation. One of the unique areas we chose to develop is the ability to switch themes without having to undergo through the tedious process of resorting and reordering custom widget areas. Today we give you a sneak pick to the user interface of this upcoming feature. With Theme Importer, you will have the ability to inherit all widget areas from your old theme and import theme into your new theme. Along with it, you will have the option to override existing widgets or leave them intact and simply add the old widgets to the ones already put into the widget areas. As Power Widgets already have the ability to set patterns, a powerful and unique feature that streamlines the process of customization, you will also have the option to import all patterns into the new theme – so there you go: Power Widgets is on its way to become your comprehensive Widgets Management System!