power widgetsWe’ve been extremely busy lately in a wide host of issues. Power Widgets is getting the most of our attention as we move to roll out some major enhancements – some of which we’ll be elaborating here. As more and more downloads are done daily, we are in a rush to upgrade our site and licensing system. A new platform is hiding somewhere and will be soon launched. Our premium plugins collection counting is up from 2 to 4 and is expected to reach 6 in the coming months. In order to better handle downloads and licensing we had to move forward and kiss goodbye our existing system and chose WooCommerce to power our plugin sales, along with some our own bits of code enhancements. Support is another issue we’ve been proactive about it and we will soon be launching our Zendesk based support ticketing system. In the area of free plugins we have some news as well and we are about to launch another version to our highly popular Nice Login Widget. Another big thing we’re planning is a free, lite version for Power Widgets.

Power Widgets Upcoming

  1. Theme Replacements Importer – as we’ve already posted, this version upgrade is already in a closed beta testing and we are close to release the first part of it, namely the ability to import all custom widgets created in your old theme and assigning them to your new widget areas so that you can have seamless continuity of widget areas while you move from old to new themes.
  2. The next half would be even more time saving – you will be able to import all the widgets populating the various custom widget areas directly into the imported replacements, or custom widget areas imported from your old theme. And there you go: complete, seamless, effortless continuity of custom widget areas and their content while you move from one theme to another. This is sure to be a BIG DEAL for any WordPress designer/developer.
  3. Supporting custom post types, Woothemes themes – we wanted to make sure we nail the most innovative features first, that is the ability to effectively manage the widget areas from one single locations, have the ability to set patterns and import all widget areas settings while switching to new themes. Once we have those in place we can nail custom posts as well, and have Power Widget do the magic with Woothemes themes and WooCommerce installed.
  4. Complete redesign of the UI – same as the one above, we are currently working on some major enhancements to the plugin’s user interface in order to grant a better experience and smoother workflow.
  5. Our roadmap for the product is set to make Power Widgets the unmatched widget management system with many features and benefits to grant the utmost flexibility and efficiency for WordPress developers and designers. There’s plenty to come.
  6. Finally, down the road, we’ll be elevating the prices for the plugin. Currently they are extremely low. Get it now for this low, and benefit all these features as we launch them. 🙂

ECommerce Plugins

We’ve partnered with Zooz, a slick payment service and created W2Z – a WooCommerce payment plugin to be used with Zooz Payment Gateway. On top of that, we now have W2T – WooCommerce payment plugin to be used with Tranzila Payment Gateway and G2T which integrates Tranzila Payment Gateway with Gravity Forms.

Power Login Widget – Are You Ready?

Our popular Nice Login Widget will have a premium version soon. We believe there’s a lot to be done when it comes to login and registration management and experience in WordPress. We aim to fill the need with this coming premium version. In the meanwhile, go ahead and get your free version if you haven’t done so yet.

Your Action Item – Get Power Widgets Now

To sum your action item for this one: just get your license for Power Widgets in this incredibly low price and have it all once launched!