24 October Update: We’ve added a default header widget area to the child theme, as well as RTL support and three column layout for top and bottom widget areas. We’ll have it available shortly! Twenty Thirteen theme ships with any new WordPress install. It’s responsive, clean, well built and… has only two default sidebars: one on the right side of the content and additional one in the footer with a horizontal layout for the widgets to stand side by side. Our newly created child theme fixes just that and allows you to do much more with the theme. We’ve decided to freely offer enhanced child themes for some popular, widely used free themes. We’ll be starting off with Twenty Thirteen and add more as we go. Our initial release is a child theme for Twenty Thirteen with a top and bottom sidebars. The sidebars we’ve added adhere to the responsiveness requirement and will increase the functionality and flexibility you have in this theme. We will be adding more options along the lines of functionality and design as we go. Power Widgets will automatically add the newly created default sidebars to each table, and will allow you to set replacements for each of the four available sidebars – the two original sidebars and the additional two added by the child theme.

twenty thirteen child theme with power widgets

How to Make Twenty Thirteen Child Theme Work and How To Customize It

Twenty Thirteen child theme will be available as a free product on our site in a matter of a day or two.
  1. Create an account, download it
  2. Make sure you have the original Twenty Thirteen theme available
  3. If you’re using network, make sure it’s network enabled
  4. Upload the Twenty Thirteen child theme and activate it
  5. You will now have the theme ready to use
  6. On Widgets view, you will see the two default sidebars
  7. Use Power Widgets to customize your site as you would with any other themes. You will now have the ability to create custom sidebars for your top widget area and your bottom widget area
Theme remains responsive and the sidebars added will act accordingly when presented on various mobile devices Stay tuned for much more of this stuff on a regular basis!