Today we release version 1.3 of Login Widget Pro. The version included the ability to add custom fields to the registration form – first and last name. If you use Login Widget Pro data in newsletter software, for example, this may come handy once you download a .csv file with all the names, as sending newsletters using first names is better than using usernames.

We plan to add additional custom fields as well as the ability to change the default submit button with a custom image.

How to Set First and Last Names to Appear in Registration Form

Under Registration Form tab, you will find the options to include first and last name inside the registration form. You have seperate checkbox for first name field and last name field – set it as you wish and save.

registration form

 Front End Form

Once you’ve checked the appropriate boxes, this is what it looks like – first and last names are embedded into the form between username and email fields.

registration form front end

Tell us what else can we add to this plugin! Drop us a line.