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Custom Forms in Custom Sidebars

Custom forms are yet another way to improve the relevance of calls to action both on the front end – how users view it, and on the back end – to the person it is delivered to. And while many power plugins (such as Gravity Forms) offer easy customization and ready to use widgets, you have little room to […]

Boost Your Affiliate Based Revenues with Custom Widget Areas

Custom widget areas properly loaded with Affiliate widgets is a great way for bloggers, freelancers and consultants to convert their users’ engagement and traffic to revenues. In this short post we’ll show you how you can use Power Widgets creating custom widget areas using patterns and in order to enhance your affiliates links deployment and boost your revenues Why Affiliates is Good for Both […]
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New WordPress Login Plugin: Have Users Register and Login To Your Website

November 11 2013 Update: Login Widget Pro is available for download. Get it here. Providing users with a seamless, well-integrated way to sign up and login to your site is essential. Making this process easy and visible can ensure that your users will come back to your site again and again. But after logging in to your own WordPress page […]
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