Software Update

Theme Importer is Here!

We are happy to introduce you to latest and greatest feature in Power Widgets: Theme Replacements Importer. The new version is ready for download, starting tonight (GMT+3). The Big Deal For the first time, you now have an easy way to import all your custom sidebars (that is – replacements you made to the default sidebars) from your old theme to […]
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Patterns – Replace Multiple Widget Areas on the Fly

Developing a good-looking, functional WordPress website requires two vital traits. The first is a distinctive aesthetic, usually provided by a solid theme with some basic variation. The second is having unique elements on each page that ensure it is perfectly suited to its function. Having an efficient way to customize widget areas allows you to add essential functionality to […]
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Troubles Keeping Your Custom Widget Areas Alive in Your New Theme? Help is Underway

One of the hassles involved in changing themes is the need to manually rebuild all your custom widget areas and attach them to your pages and posts. This obstacle alone may prevent you from considering to move to a new theme, and no other plugin out there is able to help you out once you decided to move on […]
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Version Update: 1.5.31 Is now Available for Download

In this version update we’ve rolled the following updates for this version of Power Widgets: Patterns first of all, we’ve finalized patterns which enable you to set a complete template of custom widget areas for a given page and use it again across your site’s pages and posts. This feature saves you tons of time and helps use the full potential […]
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Version 1.5.9: Customize Widget Areas in Default Page Templates

We’ve released version 1.5.9 which allows you to easily customize widget areas on WordPress’ default page templates: customize your blog’s front page, change the look and feel of your 404 page, make your search results page different and customize your date archive. Next we’ll add the ability to have your authors’ archives benefit from the same functionality so you […]
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Power Widgets Major Upcoming Plugin Update

We are near completion of our major plugin update for Power Widgets. The next version (1.5.7) will include the ability to customize widget areas in blog’s frontpage, date archive, search and 404 pages. User interface remains the same. The update will be rolled out in about 10 days from today. Coming up next will be authors archive and tags […]
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