There are many great, robust free themes that come with basic widget areas. As we keep writing, we see great importance in putting widget areas to work on a regular basis, customize them and provide better converting pages with relevant widgets. This often cannot be done using the basic settings many popular themes come outside the box.

Free Themes With Additional Widget Areas for Download

For that end, we have decided to focus on several popular themes and extend the basic set of widget areas. In this section, we intend to release child themes with additional widget areas so you can utilize them on your site. Naturally, these child themes will shine at their best with unique design. Finally, using Power Widgets, you will have a power tool at your hand all for a fraction of the price of the average premium themes - twenty thirteen

Child Themes Are Free – Here’s What You Need to Do

  1. Once you click the button at the bottom of the page, you will be prompted to create an account. If y you already have an account, simply sign in and download it.
  2. Once you’ve created an account, you can download the theme for free.
  3. In order to work with a child theme, you should have a matching parent theme. In that case, make sure you have Twenty Thirteen available for you  on your themes.
  4. If you’re using network, make sure it’s network enabled
  5. Upload the Twenty Thirteen child theme and activate it
  6. You will now have the theme ready to use
  7. On Widgets view, you will see the two default sidebars
  8. Use Power Widgets to customize your site as you would with any other themes. You will now have the ability to create custom sidebars for your top widget area and your bottom widget area
Theme remains responsive and the sidebars added will act accordingly when presented on various mobile devices

Our Offered Child Themes

  1. Twenty Thirteen Child Theme – with header, top and bottom widget areas
  2. Twenty Twelve Child Theme – with top, bottom and footer widget areas
What should be our next theme?  contact us with your idea!