login widget pro for wordpress

Login Widget Pro is here!

We are thrilled to introduce you with the latest and greatest plugin for turning your visitors to users – Login Widget Pro for WordPress. If you operate a website, you should know how hard it is to grab busy visitors’ attention and make them engaged, let alone committed, to your site. Getting users to come back to your site is the first step in creating a long term and mutually beneficial relationship between you and your visitors. Such a first step may be registration to your site, which could lead to engaging with your blog, social media and ultimately contacting you or making an online purchase.

Engage Your Visitors

Have them register and login with ease and style. Control each and every aspect of the registration and login form. Embed it as a link in your content or as a menu item and customize your pop up form’s animation and CSS. Use it in your sidebars/widget areas or place it as a shortcode anywhere on your content.

Use of Your Users' List

Add newsletter subscription option to your registration form, import your users list or just your newsletter subscribers as a .csv file and import them to Mailchimp or any other newsletter service. You can also toggle users preferences and turn non registered users to registered and the other way around. Have users verify their email address and avoid spam registrations.

Make it Yours

Control CSS, animation, titles, set custom redirect pages for newly registered users and returning visitors upon login, customize email welcome message with rich text editing.

Get It Now!

Expect for More

We are already hard at work on putting more wisdom and power into Login Widget Pro, with the license, you get 1 year of future updates and upgrades, and premium support.

Satisfaction Guaranty

We are confident that Login Widget Pro is, by far, the best plugin available for getting your visitors to register and manage your users. That’s why we offer a full refund on your purchase for 14 days.

Plans and Pricing

Plans begin at 1 license for 1 year at $39, going up to 5 websites for $59 and up to $99 for an unlimited developers license.



  • Use login widget in any widget area, as a popup and inside content as a shortcode.
  • Trigger popup with a link using a simple class. Once clicked, a popup with the login form inside will appear.
  • Trigger popup with a menu item. Once clicked, a popup with the login form inside will appear.
  • Enable/disable Gravatar for logged in users.
  • Set custom password retrieval page.
  • Set custom email validation page.
  • Set custom form transition effects (only in advanced browsers): regular transition, horizontal rotation, vertical rotation, fade-in/fade-out.
  • Set popup width in pixels.
  • Set custom login button form once logged in: leave as-is/hide login button/replace with login text.
  • Five color schemes: white, light-grey, dark-grey, blue sky and inherit (theme’s CSS takes over) – more styles will be added in the coming versions.
  • Place login widget anywhere inside content using a shortcode.
  • Set shortcode widget width in pixels.
  • Export users: choose to export all users or just those who subscribed to your newsletter in .csv format to your local machine. Use it for various purposes: import to your newsletter software, CRM etc.
  • Set custom redirect page upon successful login.
  • Customize registration text.
  • Customize “lost your password?” text.
  • Set custom redirect page upon successful registration.
  • Customize “I already have an account” label.
  • Enable/disable user subscription to your newsletter in login form.
  • Set new user role, including WooCommerce roles (customer, shop manager).
  • Enable checkbox for terms and conditions upon registration.
  • Allow/don’t allow using email as username.
  • Request users to set password.
  • Request users to validate their email address and avoid spam registrations.
  • Customize your welcome email using built-in rich text editor.
  • Customize forgot password email notification.
  • Block parts of your content and make available for logged in users only – coming up soon!

Single Site

  • 1 year of software updates and upgrades
  • 1 Year of support
  • All Features Included

Developers Unlimited Websites

  • 1 year of software updates and upgrades
  • 1 Year of support
  • All Features Included

5 Websites

  • 1 year of software updates and upgrades
  • 1 Year of support
  • All Features Included