Our E Commerce Partners


partners Tranzila provides merchants with advanced online solutions and infrastructure for credit cards processing, e–business hosting and e–commerce management. Our leading online credit card clearing service is based on state-of-the-art technologies and architecture. Our clients enjoy the highest standards of speed, reliability and serviceability.


zooz-logo Founded in 2010, Zooz developed a unique payment platform enabling merchants to deliver their consumers with the ultimate checkout experience. The Zooz approach is focused on users’ behaviors and needs and not just on technical aspects of payments. Zooz has partnered with leading payment gateways, processors, and e-wallets in the world to ensure that both consumers and merchants enjoy full flexibility.

What About You?

why not join our affiliate program and eaern 20% of every purchase made via your affiliate link? If you have a website or a blog, that’s a great way to monetize it and help others benefit from our super plugins. Affiliate program is days from launching and we’ll update this page as soon as we put it to work.

Our Background Partners

Whenever we have a chance to spread the word and let others know how we build our business, we’re happy to do so. Here’s a few choices we’ve made that made SuperPlugin possible: Sucuri, Cloudflare and WPengine for hosting, securing and caching Gravity Forms for, well – forms WooCommerce for making this site sell Mailchimp for newsletters